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(RM 1200 & 1221B)
Microscopic Interactions (RM 1200)
Chair: Alan McIntosh

Ruprecht Machleidt [slide]
Recent progress in high-precision chiral nuclear forces

Diego Lonardoni [slide]
Chiral forces and quantum Monte Carlo: from nuclei to neutron star matter

Francesca Sammarruca
Applications of modern chiral interactions in neutron-rich matter
10:30-11:00 group photo and coffee break
Chair: Francesca Sammarruca

Morten Hjorth-Jensen
Nuclear Matter EoS from first principle methods; recent advances and challenges

Jeremy Holt
12:00-13:30 lunch (on your own)
Recent Experimental Results II & Participant Codes Description I (RM 1200)
Chair: Jerzy Lukasik

Giuseppe Verde
Space-time characterization of particle emission: observables and model predictions

Tadaaki Isobe
Application of transport model to design experiments

Roy Wada [slide]
High energy proton emission and transport models in intermediate heavy ion collisions

Bill Lynch
discussion on wish list to transport codes
Chair: Natsumi Ikeno

Pawel Danielewicz [slide]
pBUU description

Maria Colonna [slide]
SMF description
15:30-16:30 FRIB tour (sign up instructions will be available)

Jun Xu
IBUU description

Zhen Zhang [slide]
RVUU description
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