FRIB-MSU, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
March 22 - April 12, 2017

Entrance of FRIB building

If you don't have an access card of the FRIB building, please enter the building through the main entrance [map] [photo] and identify yourself to the secretary at the front desk.

Registration desk

The registration desk is located near the meeting room (RM 1200 or RM 1221A & 1221B). On the first day of the Transport Workshop, Monday March 27, the registration will start at 8:30am. For security reason, please always wear your badge inside the lab.

Important: If your local expenses are to be supported by ICNT, you must do some paperwork after the registration. Without this paperwork, ICNT cannot support your local expenses and your hotel expense will be billed to your credit card. Please carefully check the form(s) in the envelope that you receive at the registration, and hand the filled form(s) to the secretary at your earliest convenience. You may send the information by email to Elizabeth Deliyski <> with the subject line "ICNT Support Information - Your Name". However, the bank information for wire transfer should never be sent by email.


You can print wirelessly using the printer in copying room. See this map.

Just add a new printer in your system with the following information. The IP address of the printer is “". The model is “Canon IR 5075".

You can download the driver from this link.

Transportation from hotels to FRIB

For the guests staying at Kellogg Conference Center

Note that Kellogg offers guest transportation within East Lansing area. You can contact Guest Service Representative for shuttle service at (517)432-4000 or request it at the reception desk. The shuttle seats are limited.

You can also take CATA bus #31 OUTBOUND; which stops across the street from Kellogg Center, Brody Complex [map] [catanow]. The bus runs very frequently. It takes about 7 minutes to Ramp 1 Bay 5 [map], from where you can cross the South Shaw Lane to the FRIB entrance [map].

After the sessions, you can take CATA bus #31 INBOUND at Ramp 1 Bay 4 [catanow] back to Brody Complex.

For the guests staying at TownePlace and Residence Inn

TownePlace and Residence Inn are at about 30 minutes walk to/from the lab, and there is no shuttle.

We will have the lab van available for the participants in the first morning of Transport 2017 Workshop, Monday March 27th. It will leave the parking space of TownePlace [map] for FRIB at 8:15am. The lab van is silver color and will have a sign stating "Welcome to Transport 2017" displayed in the front window.

You may take a CATA bus, though the bus does not run very frequently. After walking to Hagadorn Rd, you may take CATA bus #22 INBOUND at Hagadorn past Hannah Blvd [map] [catanow]. It is only 4 minutes to WBD N Shaw past Bogue [map] from where you can walk to the FRIB entrance [map].

After the sessions, you can take CATA bus #23 OUTBOUND at EBD S Shaw at Chemistry [map] [catanow] to SBD Hagadorn past Service [map].

Some information about CATA bus

Parking at MSU

Parking around FRIB is limited. The most convenient way is to purchase a parking permit from the registration desk ($8/day or $12/week). The support staff can purchase the permits for you ahead of time if you give us advance notice by March 23. With the parking permit, you can park in the faculty/staff parking space above the ground level in the Ramp 1 (Shaw Parking) across the street from the laboratory.

Additional parking is available in Ramp 3 of the "Wharton Center Parking Ramp", 5 min walk to the lab through the Wharton Center building. You must enter the Ramp 3 via the entrance on East Shaw Lane. The visitor parking for this ramp is monitored by an attendant where only cash and coin are accepted if you don't have a parking permit.

Group dinner on Thursday, March 30th

Swagath Indian Cuisine
1060 Trowbridge Rd. (Behind Woody’s)
6:30 PM, Thursday March 30th
Price about $25/person
Menu: Buffet, both veggie and non-veggie (some chicken and lamb) items, appetizers and mango custard for dessert. Alcohol isn't included but you can probably order your own beer.




How to access the campus Wi-Fi is included in the packet given to you at the registration desk.

Useful information at MSU and in Lasnsing area

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