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(RM 1200 & 1221B)
EOS in Astrophysics (RM 1200)
Chair: Andrew Steiner

Charles Horowitz [slide]
Neutrino response in Supernova matter from transport models

Luke Roberts [slide]
The Impact of the Nuclear EoS on the Long Term Supernova Neutrino Signal

Francesco Pederiva
Nuclear EOS from QMC

Andrew Steiner
11:00-11:30 coffee break
11:30-13:00 lunch (on your own)
Participant Codes Description II (RM 1200)
Chair: Giuseppe Verde

Tatsuhiko Ogawa
Radiation transport simulation code PHITS and its hadronic reaction models

Yingxun Zhang
ImQMD description

Mircea Dan Cozma
TuQMD description

Akira Ono [slide]
AMD and JAM description
14:30-15:00 coffee break
Chair: Tatsuhiko Ogawa

Dmytro Oliinychenko
Heavy ion collisions with SMASH transport approach

Chang-Hwan Lee
New Heavy-Ion Transport Code: Daejeon BUU

Hermann Wolter
Summary of transport code description

Jun Xu [slide]
Discussions of action plans (including discussions on pions)
17:00-18:30 free time
18:30-20:00 group dinner (out of pocket)
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