FRIB-MSU, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
March 27 - 31, 2017

1st Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce Transport 2017: International Workshop on Transport Simulations for Heavy Ion Collisions under Controlled Conditions, which will be held on March 27-30, 2017, at FRIB-MSU, East Lansing, Michigan, USA. The workshop website is

Transport models are indispensable to extract information about the bulk properties of nuclear matter, including neutron-rich matter, from data obtained in heavy ion collisions. Transport 2017 is a meeting aimed to improve our understanding of transport models and to coordinate our effort to extract confidently the information from data emerging from new experiments. The transport model code comparison project for heavy ion collisions under controlled conditions was started some time ago, of which this workshop is a continuation.

Topics covered by Transport 2017 will include

  • Discussion on the transport model code comparison
  • Implementation of microscopic interactions in the transport models
  • Application of Bayesian analysis in the context of transport models and its application to other physics disciplines including astrophysics
  • New experimental results of heavy ion collisions

Comparison of transport codes has been the topic of several workshops starting from the ECT* meetings in 2004, 2006 and 2009, the Transport2014 meeting in Shanghai and several shorter meetings after that. (See for a more complete description of the history and the current status.) In this workshop we will, in particular, discuss comparisons for infinite nuclear matter (box calculations), which appear particularly suited to understand differences in simulation codes. We will follow the successful strategy of the earlier Transport Workshops requesting that specified calculations be done by participants before the meeting. Please contact the organizers if you are interested to participate in this homework with your code.

Transport 2017 is embedded in the three weeks program (March 22-April 12) of the International Collaborations in Nuclear Theory (ICNT) on "Extracting Bulk Properties of Neutron-Rich Matter with Transport Models in Bayesian Perspective" ( Some of the topics raised at the workshop will be discussed in more detail in the third week of the ICNT program. Participants of Transport 2017 are encouraged to participate in all or part of the ICNT program.

The registration fee for Transport 2017 to cover coffee breaks is 75 USD for those who register and pay before March 1, 2017, and 100 USD for those who pay on site. While participation of the workshop is self-supported, ICNT provides some local support to those who contribute to the ICNT program. For registration and more details, follow the website of Transport 2017 (

Organizing Committee
  • Akira Ono, Co-Chair (Tohoku University)
  • Jun Xu, Co-Chair (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS)
  • Maria Colonna (INFN-LNS)
  • Pawel Danielewicz (FRIB/NSCL/MSU)
  • Betty Tsang (FRIB/NSCL/MSU)
  • Yong Jia Wang (Huzhou University)
  • Hermann Wolter (Universit√§t M√ľnchen)
  • Ying Xun Zhang (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
Local Organizing Committee
  • Pawel Danielewicz
  • Genie Jhang
  • William Lynch
  • Pierre Morfouace
  • Scott Pratt
  • Betty Tsang
  • Elizabeth Deliyski
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