3rd International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy
NSCL/FRIB, East Lansing, Michigan
July 22 - 26, 2013

The NuSYM13 started on July 22. We have a full exciting scientific program.

Before NuSYM13, the first ICNT program started on July 15. Week 1 and Week 3 programs have been posted in the ICNT website. The presentation files and summaries of informal discussions are posted at the same place.

All participants are encouraged to suggest "future" experiments or theoretical developments in nuclear symmetry energy. A lot of time has been reserved for informal discussions in Week 1, 3 and 4 of the ICNT program. Please check with the organizers if you want to show new results or propose discussions or talks during those weeks.

General information:

  1. Parking spaces are limited around the NSCL/FRIB area. Permits will be needed to park in the parking ramp across from the lab. Please email us if you need a parking permit. Currently we have purchased 10 weekly permits. They are available first come, first serve.
  2. There is a lot of construction going on around the lab and on Grand River. Please allow extra 10 min to find detours to the parking ramp across from the lab if you are driving. Pedestrians also need to find sidewalks for detours. See a detour map. (Note: You cannot and should not walk across construction sites!)

There are a lot of extra curricular activities happening before and during the NuSYM13 week:

For your information: MSU Rent A Bike, $20/wk or $40/mo + deposit, M-F 10:00-17:00, see

For free time options, please check out the "Things to do at MSU" Activity Guide provided by the MSU Family Resource Center:

If you need help during your travel, email (with a contact phone number) is the most reliable way to contact the organizers.

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