3rd International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy
NSCL/FRIB, East Lansing, Michigan
July 22 - 26, 2013

Registration Form

All the participants should submit a registration form. The deadline is June 15, 2013. Please download the following PDF file and open it with Adobe Reader.

After filling in requested information on the form, please press the "Submit via email" button which is located at the bottom of the form. Then a window will pop up to ask you how to send an email. Please choose your usual method, and an email draft is prepared for you with the filled form attached. Please simply send it out to the organizers.

The "Submit via email" button works only with Adobe Reader or Acrobat (on Windows, Mac and Linux). If you have to use another PDF viewer, please save the filled form to a file and send it to as an attachment.


Spouses/Companions are welcome to participate in all outings and social events organized by the conference. To participate, please complete this Spouse/Companion form to register.

If you are bringing your family, please be sure to check out the "Things to do at MSU" Activity Guide provided by the MSU Family Resource Center:


Space is limited for the NuSYM13 symposium and excursions. We are unable to hold your space without payment in full. To secure your space, please pay the fee by check or by credit card.

To pay by ckeck

Send a check payable to Michigan State University to:

Michigan State University
640 South Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824

To pay by credit card

You can pay by credit card using MSU Non-Credit Registration System.

Create a Community ID

Please first create a Community ID if you don't have an ID yet. Go to and follow the steps below.

  1. Click "CREATE ACCOUNT" in upper right corner
  2. In the part of "Option 1", enter your email address and click "Next"
  3. Enter your name, and click "Next"
  4. Enter location and contact information, and click "Next"
  5. You should receive an email titled "MSU Community ID Account Created". Follow the instruction in the email to activate your account.

(Each ID created can only make payment for one person. i.e. Each spouse/companion needs to create his/her own Community ID.)

Login to MSU Non-Credit Registration System and Pay

Now you can pay for the NuSYM13 registration and for excursions by purchasing one or several items at MSU Non-Credit Registration System. In the system, you can pay for the following items which are called sections:

Please follow the steps below at

  1. (Click "LOGIN" in upper right corner if necessary)
  2. Enter your email address for the MSU ID, and your password. Be sure the "Authenticator" has "MSU NET", and click "Login".
  4. Go to "Conferences" catalog
  5. Select "2013 International Collaborations in Nuclear Theory"
  6. Add a desired section to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to Shopping Cart". This will take you to the Shopping Cart.
  7. If you need to pay for more sections, click "Continue shopping" and repeat from step 5 to add another section to the cart.
  8. When all desired sections are in your cart, click "Check out"
  9. Enter your payment and billing information and click "Place order"
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